Friday, January 13, 2017

Samples for Misty Sol Artist Catalyst Application 2017

Sample 3
52nd Street Meter Murals 2015
Philadelphia, PA
Painted 2 mini murals to beautify and revitalize 52nd St.  Acrylic.  2014

Sample 4
Earth Iron and Ancestors 2012
Andes, NY

"cob dance"
Co lead artists, Misty Sol and Paul Trefz, we sourced the materials for this oven complex from the 20 acre residency property, slate stone, soil, clay, dried grass, and iron scraps. We also used wheat flour, white glue, ash, and milk paint.  We fired the oven the community garlic planting and gathering in the fall. Andes, NY, 2012

Sample 5
My First Tree Book  (2013-2016)
Andes, NY
Engaged local tree and wood expert to learn about trees and illustrate a 26 page book for children about edible trees as a teaching tool for his gallery.  Acrylic, photography, digital collage, foraging.

Sample 6
Sowing Good Seeds (2016)
Chester, PA
As program artist resident, developed and facilitated art/farm curriculum for local families and created a book to document the work produced.  Digital paint, collage, curriculum and program development. Samples show student poetry and process. They composed using hopscotch. Student acrylic paintings of sun, water and soil.

Sample 7
Community is Sustainable (2016)
Chester, PA

Coloring Page commissioned for Spring fair. Inspired by the themes and work of the children at the Bennett Farm and 3rd St garden in Chester.

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